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We, Faisal Ibn Al-Hussein Viceroy (Deputy) of His Majesty The Great King, By Virtue of Article (31) of the Constitution, And In Accordance with The Decision Passed By The Council of Ministers (Cabinet) On 17/2/2004, Decree The Setting of The Following Regulation:
Regulation No. (47) For 2004
Regulation for Vegetables and Fruits Wholesale Markets Issued under Article (41) of Municipalities Law No. (29) for 1955

 Article 1- This Regulation shall be named the (Regulation for Vegetables and Fruits Wholesale Markets for 2004), and shall be effective and applicable from the date of its publication in the official Gazette.

 Article 2- The following words and terms, wherever the occur in this Regulation, shall have the meanings designated thereto below, unless the contract otherwise indicate.
Council : Greater Amman Municipality council, the municipality council, or the municipality committee, as the case may be.
Mayor : Amman Mayo, or chairman of the municipal council, or head of the municipal committee.
Product : Vegetables, fruits, dives, flowers, ornamental plants which are sold at the market on wholesale basis or offered therein for sale, whether produced locally or imported, and any other agricultural product which the committee approves its sale or display (offer) in the market.
Market : The market which is set up under of provisions of this Regulation, or any place designated by the municipality within its limits for setting agricultural products therein on wholesale basis. However, the refrigerator for preserving and storing the said products is considered in integral part of the market.
Committee : The market management committee.
Person : Any natural or juristic person.
Seller (Vendor) : Any person who produces the agricultural harvest, or who owns it, sells it, or offers it for sale in the market.
Agent : The merchant who sells the product to the accounts of another party against a commission.
Wholesale : Selling the product in the market for the purpose of its resale outside it.
Auctioneer : The person who operates the public auction sale process.

 Article 3- The market shall be created by a decision from the council. However, the market shall be considered as an administrative unit linked to the municipality.

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