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 Article 4-
 A-The management of the market shall be supervised by a committee chaired by the mayor, with membership of each of the following:
 1- The municipality director, or any member of the council, or the deputy mayor of Greater Amman Municipality, with respect to Amman Municipality.
 2- A representative of the council nominated by the council.
 3- Two representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, nominated by its Minister.
 4- A representative of the farmers general union (association), nominated by the association council.
 5- A representative of the vegetables and fruits merchants and exporters syndicate association nominated by the association council.
 6- A representative of the Jordanian association for vegetables and fruits merchants and exporters, nominated by its president.
 7- A representative of the chamber of commerce from among the retail merchants of vegetables and fruits, nominated by the chamberís council in any governorate in which a chamber of commerce exists. However, in case no chamber of commerce exists, he shall be nominated by the administrative governor.
 8- The market director The committee shall select from among its members a deputy chairman to act on his behalf during his absence.

 Article 5-
The committee shall assume the following functions and powers :
 A- Supervise the management of the market, organize its affairs, and provide the necessary requirements for this purpose.
 B- Set the principles for using and leaving out the market facilities, and present such principles to the council for their approval.
 C- Organize the work inside the market, including the fixing of working days and hours therein, and taking the necessary procedures to secure its good management.
 D- Allocate special spaces in the market for agricultural products destined for export, at the recommendation of the market director.
 E- Prepare the marketís draft budget within the municipalityís budget, and determine the bases for spending there from.
 F- Provide the information and studies, and hold agricultural and marketing workshops in cooperation with related parties in both the public and private sectors.
 G- Set the instructions pertaining to the matters indicated below, and present them to the council for their approved:
 1- Organize the conditions for the practice by merchants and sale agents of their work in the market, including the organization of auction business.
 2- Organize the work of refrigerators and sweat rooms or boxes in the market.
 3- The conditions for storage in the market an the fees (charges) resulting therefrom.

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