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Vegetable & Fruit Central Wholesale Market
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Vegetables and Fruits Central Wholesale Market

The opening of a new central market at Amman in 1995 to market the Jordanian agricultural products was a service starting point to the Jordanian farmer in particular and the citizen (consumer) in general. The aim of Greater Amman Municipality, however, was represented in securing the transmission of around one million tons annually between the producers and consumers through a highly experienced elite of wholesale merchants safely and with reciprocal confidence among all parties working in the market. However, products amounting to around 200 million dinars annually exchanged through a distinguished regulating process between the equation parties, namely the Jordanian farmer, the importer, the exporter, the commission merchant, and the retail merchant. The nature of the Jordanian society, the patterns of its behavior, and its consumption methods were observed in organizing the market. The new market, which is the fourth in this scope provides necessary solutions to the problems of old markets, such as Ras Al-Aym market (the third market), which was set up in 1966 and which continued to operate until 1995. it was stopped, however due to its small and narrow area and the difficulty to reach it by car (difficulty of access thereto). During the 1950, the market located in Talal Street (the second market) was operative until 1966. however, in the 1940 (the first market) located near Al-Houriyat course was operative until 1958. The Vegetables and Fruits Central Wholesale Market Amman is located on significant traffic access and international roads, a fact which facilitates the delivery of local and imported agricultural products smoothly inside the market. It is remote from Queen Alia airport by around 15 km, and it is distant from Amman customs department by 3 km only. The site is also characterized by easy delivery and access of the goods arriving from Aqaba port and Jaber customs department. The ease of exporting the goods from the market is noticeable, due to its closeness to the ring road encompassing the Capital and leading to the borders.

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