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Fourth : Market Functions and Duties:

 The activities of the Central Market are governed by the Regulation for the vegetables and fruits wholesale market No. (47) for 2004 issued according to article (41) of the Municipalities law No. (29) for 1955 in application of the Regulation, the Market management deals with a set of objectives, from which several functions emerge, with the most important thereof being the following:
     Guarantee the marketing of Jordanian agricultural products to the benefit of the Jordanian farmer, with total ease and safety.
     Facilitate the task of producers, agents, and consumers with reciprocal confidence and transparency.
     Guard and insure the sale stores (shops) and facilities, and apply public safety conditions and the validity of the materials set for sale, from the health point of view.
     Achieve traffic discipline inside the Market, with optimum exploitation of the parking lots for cars.
     Continuous coordination with all bodies, organizations and association (syndicates) having presence and interest in the Market activities in ground, and in the Ministry of Agriculture in particular.
     Prepare and build up an information system for the Market activities, and follow up and update the information (data) for the electronic site periodically.
     Promote the Market activities and attract a new producers, importers, and exporters to deal with the agents (middlemen) inside the market.
     Issue a periodic information bulletin which interests the producers and consumers.
     Hold seminars and symposiums, and invite specialists agricultural domains and in the means of improving the quality of the product and packs (containers), and awareness in the scope of sorting and grading (rating) the goods (commodities).
Care for quasi-wholesale markets within the Capital (popular markets) which are give in member, and endeavor to increase then, so that there will be a popular market in each region.
Develop the pluck flowers producers and marketers sector in Jordan through the flowers and ornamental plants bourse which belongs to the Central Market.
12. Setting up environment health conditions, in conformity with      the world health conditions adopted in disinfecting sterilizing such installations or constructions.
13. Collect the fees and rents on timely basis.
14. Guard, sustain, and develop the green surfaces in the surroundings and inside the Market walls. Collect the fees and rents on timely basis.
15. Implement the items of the national strategy for agricultural development, 2003 2012, concerning the organization and development of central marketing the most important strategy items are as follows:


Applying the sale by weight method.


Improving products display for sale through removal of central umbrellas in Amman central market and completing the central areas coverage and centralizing the auction performance area.


Improving marketing services as well as other services inside the central market to include :
     Information in terms of number of consignments delivered to the market daily, packages types and weights, items and types delivered to the market, production area on municipality or govern orate level and quality rate.
     Quality control.
     Security and protection.
     Public services installation.


Organizing market performance in terms of eliminating the second sale, and sale outside specified duty hours especially night sale.


Creating civilized information system in the central market as well in other markets based on the following:
   Computerizing sale processes to guarantee transparency and accurate and immediate information transfer, and to apply them as basis for all fees, general statistics and dispute settlement.
    Connecting the system with the National Information network.
    Beneficiaries easy entry to this network around the hour.
    Posting such information (daily) on electronic panels inside the market.

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